The City

Explore, Discover, Experience !

Ditch the mundane and dive into urban thrills with the City adventurers!

Are you passionate about exploring the world and learning new things? Want to enjoy being part of a close-knit community with other puzzle solving adventurers?

City Adventurers is a UK-based social club for mature adults who love to embark on thrilling and luxurious clue solving adventures. We offer a variety of exciting experiences, from exploring hidden gems to solving mysteries.  

The thrill of the unknown awaits...are you ready to join The City Adventurers ? 

City Adventurers - exploring a palace

Be The Explorer 

Are you ready to explore the world and have some fun?

Venture into a historic castle or stately home.
Explore quirky museums, visit unusual venues  and unique art galleries.

Investigate a murder mystery evening

Be the Investigator

Share your passion for investigation as you
unleash your inner detective and immerse yourself in the world of murder mysteries.

Take part in interactive theater productions and get involved in the show

City Adventurers escape from the room

Be the Puzzle Solver

Get your thinking caps on and use your skills to complete an escape room mission in 60 minutes or less.

Work together to solve challenging puzzles and complete jigsaws.

Become a City Adventurer

Begin Your adventure today!
Invitations to day trips and visits
Holidays and mini breaks
Shows, concerts and interactive experiences
Regular newsletters with ideas for places to visit and activities to try


City Adventurers are members of The Association of Group Travel Organisers

City Adventurers

Break free from the usual and stay curious. Every city is a giant maze of experiences to try and mysteries waiting to be solved, if you know where to look. Embrace new perspectives and seek out the road less traveled with the City Adventurers! 

Become a City Adventurer

City Adventurers enjoy luxury

Indulge Yourself

As a City Adventurer, who loves to explore new places and solve mysteries in style,  you'll find yourself  at top theatre shows, dining in stylish restaurants and staying in  relaxing hotels.

Join City Adventurers and leave the backpacking and tent sleeping behind. We're all about luxurious clue-solving adventures that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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