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Even if you can't make it to the UK, you can still join the City Adventurers at exciting online and at-home adventures. With invitations for a variety of fun and challenging activities, The City Adventurers have something for everyone.

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Armchair Detectives

The City Adventurers Solve the Murder Book Shop

Calling all bookworms and mystery lovers!

The City Adventurers love reading, and we're not afraid to admit it!  So we started this bookshop, where you can buy all of the latest and greatest mystery and non-mystery books. 

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ITM Games - Play at home games

Role playing Murder Mystery  -  Investigate a murder mystery with friends. ITM Games offer a range of role playing games for 6 to 12 players.  

Online Murder and Mystery Games - Read the story and question the suspects. Will you be able to solve the murder?

Online Escape Game Escape Room style mystery to be solved online. Will you complete your mission?

ITM Games

Mystery Jigsaws and
Board Games 

Visit ITM Games to find a range of Mystery Jigsaws and  Board Games  

 Jigsaws and Board Games